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The Time Trading Guru book is now available!

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Read this book if you want more out of life. THE TIME TRADING GURU provides a blueprint to escape the workplace, take life breaks, and to get more out of life. The formula details how to master the levers of life’s principles of time, flexibility, and money, leverage the DREAM process to realize your dreams, and to trade one’s self to a more rewarding life; one full of experiences and relationships and no regrets.



TV Appearances

Robert Renaud live interview on DayTime Ottawa show


“One recommended book I may say. It can give you insights on how to change your perspectives to produce better results…”

- Books in My Baggage: Rating: 4/5 stars

“What is a Time Trader? The answer has nothing to do with the stock exchange. How can you define wealth? Are you into multitasking? You think that doing multiple things at once makes you efficient? The information presented in this book will enlighten you into becoming a master at pulling the levers of life…”

- Night Owl Reviews: Rating: 5.0 stars

“The conversations with Jack (a talented but misguided executive who was relying on his corporate job to provide for his financial future) helped convey his message. The chapter about money was so comprehensive and detailed that it compelled me to reconsider my notion of income. This book offers tips and eye-opening discoveries about the mundane things (emails and multitasking) that erode our time. “The Time Trading Guru” is for those fearless souls who want to live life on their own terms…”

- Danita Dyess for Readers Favorite: Rating: 5.0 stars


“Jaidis Shaw of Juniper Grove interviews Robert Renaud on the launch of The Time Trading Guru”

- Juniper Grove

“…I also appreciated that none of this was presented as a get rich quick or *dump your job and run off to paradise* that is so common in other books, including the popular but unrealistic “4 Hour Work Week.” The Time Trading Guru is realistic and possible for any reader. I highly recommend this book for anyone who needs to re-energize and re-discover their spark within the confines of daily living. “

- Dr. Brenda McCreight

“The Bootheel Cotton Patch interviews Robert Renaud on the launch of The Time Trading Guru”

- From the Bootheel Cotton Patch

“A Blue Million Books interviews Robert Renaud on his book, The Time Trading Guru”

- From A Blue Million Books

“Lynda Dickson of Books Direct interviews Robert Renaud on his book, The Time Trading Guru”

- From Books Direct

“Trixie Ricablanca of Books in My Baggage interviews Robert Renaud on The Time Trading Guru”

- Books in My Baggage

“I liked the book…Thought it was an interesting prospective on how to look at life….”

- Goodreads

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