The Real Reason You Need to Dream

It had been a few weeks since I had a good night sleep. It was a deep sleep, one that I had been seeking for a while, as I was feeling downright fatigued these days. Too much work for sure, but nothing that a good time trade wouldn’t fix. It was quite a feeling to be refreshed and re-energized. I felt like I watched an epic film all night. There was no stress just a relaxing evening. If I could only repeat this cycle every night, I thought.

I remembered a documentary that highlighted that whether people are aware or not, your body goes through oscillating physiological cycles throughout the day. Your body temperature is lowest in the middle of the night and begins to steadily rise to our core body temperature of 37° Celsius (98.6° Fahrenheit) a few hours after we wake up, then it falls again several hours prior to sleep. This is known as diurnal temperature change as the temperature change is usually no more than a degree, but it’s consistent. Like our diurnal cycle, we also have a mental alertness cycle, and more so, a dream cycle. We all dream, not just once an evening, but several times a night following a ninety minute sleep cycle. Dreams follow our REM cycle, the point at which we have rapid eye movement. This is the period that most dreaming seems to occur, and it’s the point at which we fall into the arms of Morpheus, the Greek God of dreams. I certainly fell into his cradle last night!

The interesting thing about dreams is that they’re usually about things that are of interest or importance to you. Dreaming is necessary for good mental health. Researchers have even subjected people to dream deprivation experiments to prove the point. People deprived of the ability to reach their REM cycle became hostile, cranky, annoyed, and impulsive. They even had difficulty in retaining thoughts. It’s because dreaming allows us to store the events of the day and free up our mind for new experiences and thoughts just as sleep itself allows our brains to restore itself physiologically.

On the other hand, the process of taking time to day dream and wish like our physiological sleep and REM dream states helps clear our minds and allows us to focus on those things that are important to us. We may not become cranky or miserable by being deprived of thinking of dreams or wishes, but we’ll feel unfulfilled or feel that our lives are lacking in some regard.

Dreaming in wonder allows you to move beyond what could be to what can be. It allows you to visualize what you want to be, not how others define you. It’s a form of self-actualization, which is the process of attaining your goals, to effectively become your potentiality.

Are you taking the time to dream?

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