Money Today, Gone Tomorrow

I got lucky today when I was told I could cash out some unused leave or leave it and cash it out when I quit or retire. At first, I wasn’t quite too sure what to make of this good fortune. With 10 years left to retire, I thought about leaving it alone. I figured that my salary would surely be higher than today thus increasing the actual amount of money that would come my way. I looked at it as a long-term savings plan. But, then again, I could find ways to use the money now. I was in a conundrum. What to do?

How do I know the value of the money I have now and in the future? To figure this out, I turned to my good Spanish friend, Martin de Azpilcueta, who developed the concept of the time value of money to help understand what our money is worth today and tomorrow in relative terms. Incredibly, he developed this concept hundreds of years ago in the early 1500s.

The value of money today has a future value that’s the same as today. Let’s look at what this means. For example, $100 today, invested at 10% for one year will be worth $110 one year from now. Most of us would assume that the value of the $100 invested at 10% and paid in one year is now worth more than the $100 I started out with. Not so. If we compare these two, the $100 today is the same value as the $110 paid one year from now. Why is this? It’s because of the notion of the value over time. This core principle is that, as long as you gain value or earn interest (to increase the value of your investment), any amount of money is worth more the sooner it’s received.

This is an important aspect to understand. It’s an aspect that will help you break free from your long-held notions of postponing your life well into the future. Taking the money now will be worth more the sooner you begin to put it to use. So, there I had it. Thanks to Martin de Azpilceuta I decided to take the money now and live for today.

Do you have a time value of money problem?

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