Understanding Our Problems Leads Us to Our Goals

I’m taking a much deserved life break from the daily churn. This time trading foray is letting me escape to discover another city in the state of Ohio. Vermont was the scenery a few months ago as it was fully blanketed in fresh white snow, but spring has sprung and there is only dormant grass on the ground.

My goal to discover places, once again, and places previously passed over was a welcome goal in my pursuit to fully discover North America. I remember how insurmountable this goal seemed when I first got the inclination. All I could see was the problem of actually getting myself to do it. But, to fulfill a goal, problems must be overcome, or hurdles, as I refer to them. How we overcome these hurdles or solve these problems determines, not just if we meet our goals, but how soon. How true this was!

Too often we’re overwhelmed by the tasks at hand. But, if we break things down, we can make the tasks more manageable and in essence understand our problems better. Project managers employ this technique to successfully deliver large, complex projects. This was no different.
So goals are like problems? Okay, so like a problem, sometimes we realize what we thought was the problem wasn’t the problem at all. We, in essence, gain a better perspective of our problems or tasks at hand through the compartmentalization or breaking down of large complex problems into smaller more manageable parts. The very process helps us understand the real problems and by its nature gives us an unbiased perspective on the task that lay ahead.
When related to goals we can determine if a goal is in fact a meaningful goal to us. A big goal can be broken down into smaller goals, permitting us to be more successful at attaining them.

Before we can reach for a goal, we must find the imagination to dream. How many people actually take the time to dream? Think about it. We spend hours in front of a television watching, for the most part, frivolous entertainment. We find excuses to literally waste away time. Yet, despite all this, we’re “busy.” We’re too busy to do other things, too busy to take the time to explore ourselves, our thoughts, and our dreams.

It’s important to take time to imagine. Whether it’s through a solitary walk in the woods or quiet reflection in a comfortable chair somewhere, it’s the ability to dream and imagine that expands our journey in life and brings forth fulfillment and purpose. Those who have dreams have purpose, and those who find the courage to seek out those dreams find personal fulfillment. They attain their dreams.

A dream is a higher state of unconsciousness. Goal-setting is the conscious actions we take to realize those dreams. The realization of those dreams provides us with a positive effect, pride, satisfaction, and ultimately personal fulfillment. This in turn leads to purpose and purpose is the guiding principle all humans seek! So goal-setting is our key to purpose. We just need to know how to use it to open those doors that lead us to where we want to go.

Have you determined your problem to lead you to your goals?

Feel free to share your answer in the comments.

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