The Mechanics of Thinking

Relaxing outside with the sun beaming warm rays on my face and a slight breeze in the air helped me to enjoy the greenery coming to life around me. It’s not often one can simply immerse himself in a cocoon of solitude while the noise of life whirls around him. This was a short time trade that I was thoroughly enjoying. It was a time that I was taking to reflect on new goals in life.

It had been a few weeks since I had the chance to just think and contemplate, well, nothing in particular, just whatever came to mind. I was able to let my mind catch and hold onto thoughts then let them go, and all without any sense of guilt.

As I succumbed to this moment of self-reflection old sociological theories popped into my mind helping me remember that we have no conscious experience of what happens in the human mind. Even though I felt at this moment some conscious control of my thoughts.

Much of our conscious thinking is usually conducted well in advance of any conscious action we take. Our actions are a result of our thinking, not the process of thinking. It is like a system, which is an organization of related parts. For a system to survive it requires inputs, processes, and outputs that utilize information and energy. This is what makes the system active. Our ability to think is a system. We need information about our environment, then we process it, then we generate thoughts, and throughout this cycle the strength of our thoughts leverage our energy cycle.

The process of thinking leads us to conceptualize our goals, and our goals can be expressed as getting the inputs needed to support and sustain our system. The strength of our belief in those goals is supported by our emotional investment and motivational desires to realize those goals. The goal, in large respect, becomes a “need” that we’re motivated to satisfy. We feel that something is amiss, or we feel “pain.” It’s this pain that motivates us to realize our goals, and the realization of our goals itself leads us to experience pleasure. Thus, if we want more pleasure, we seek out goals to eradicate the pain we feel.

We inherently create our model of reality based on the inputs in our core system. How we process it is by and large a by-product of our experiences. Essentially, we see the world through our own constructed lens. To think more freely, we need to visualize our thoughts through a different lens. We can do this by broadening the inputs we process and being aware of the inherent bias of our lens. We create many assumptions of our reality that we take for granted. Take, for instance, that each and every one of us assumes every day of our lives that when we go to bed at night, we’ll wake up in the morning. How is that for taking things for granted!

Have you taken time to think?

Feel free to share your answer in the comments.


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