Finding Value

As I sit in a leather chair, sipping tea, and gazing around the library I can’t help but feel somewhat mesmerized by the knowledge resident in the musty and torn books lining the shelves, row upon row. It’s a funny thing when you look at it. Here, as in many towns and cities, is a community gathering place full of history, knowledge, and information. Each day people peruse through the holdings, some stressed as they frantically search for a book to cite for an overdue paper, others meandering from shelf to shelf, just hoping to find something interesting, and still others determined to seek out missing information or just curiosity. Yet, really what everyone is looking for is value.

Just as people look for value hidden in the library, people look for value in their lives. Some are fortunate to discover this value early, others spend a life time. And, as the library, the value is usually right before our eyes, we just need to know what it is we’re looking for.

We all possess the ability to find what we’re looking for; it’s just that most often we work all our lives without really knowing the value of life that is front of us.

Let me demonstrate. It’s like the person who buys a building without knowing the ‘real’ value that lay beneath it. In time he turns the building into a restaurant, and the land on which it sits is in the downtown core. He toils away over the years in the restaurant business, but times are tough. The number of clients is down, profits have disappeared, and he’s on the verge of bankruptcy.

After some reflection, he decides he must sell the restaurant. So he hires a real estate agent to sell it. After many months of no offers, he lowers the price. Several months later he lowers the price again. It’s difficult to sell a restaurant in tight economic times. He’s now so desperate that he’s willing to just give it away to stop paying a mortgage on an empty building.

One day, while walking, he had an epiphany. The restaurant was what he was trying to sell, but this wasn’t where the real value was. It was the land. The land had always been there, but he only thought of it as a restaurant. The land was suddenly discovered and the value utilized. He demolished the restaurant and listed the land for fifty times the price that the restaurant was listed for.

It sold the same day. Why? The restaurant had limited value. In economic difficult times, people don’t eat out as often, thus the value declined. When he truly began to discover this by himself, he realized that the land had more value than the restaurant. The property was located in prime real estate in the center of a bustling city. The location was ideal for condominium development. The land had significant value to developers, not a restaurant, as they were in the building profession, not the restaurant business.
By discovering and utilizing the value of the land, which was always there, he was able to sell—not the restaurant, but the land, and for significantly more.

To find the real value in life it’s important to reframe your perspective to discover and utilize the value of things in your comfort zone. Beneath the surface of everyone there’s a latent capacity greater and more valuable that has yet to be discovered. It’s a great day in one’s life when they truly begin to discover themselves.

Have you been able to find your value?

Feel free to share your answer in the comments.


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