Thoughts Lead to Dreams

The smoke filled ambers released the comforting smell of wood into the air, its crackling sound begging me to lean ever so closer to bathe in the fire’s delight. A hot tea in hand, a wool sweater snuggly wrapping my body, and a smile on my face reminded me of the solace and warmth of the moment. I had no notebook in hand, but my mind nonetheless was allowed to wander unrestrained. Thoughts flickered in and out until one took root and began to grow. I nurtured the thought, ever so gently adding new ideas and permitting my mind to simply just go with it. I hadn’t had a moment like this for some time and relished the resulting euphoria.
I added another piece of wood to keep the flames alive and to continue to fuel the blissful state I was in. The cool breeze was welcome, so too were the birds that joined in as they nestled themselves in the pine bows draped beside me.

Thinking for the sake of thinking is an art, not just for the wise, but the curious. Too often we allow the noise of life to restrict our senses and to distract us from gaining insightful knowledge about our selves. Dreams that we aspire for in life come from these very thoughts. Without them, we cannot dream.

A dream is a higher state of unconsciousness and goal-setting is the conscious actions we take to realize those dreams. The realization of those dreams provides us with a positive effect, pride, satisfaction, and ultimately personal fulfillment. This in turn leads to purpose and purpose is the guiding principle all humans seek! So goal-setting is our key to purpose. We just need to know how to use it to open those doors that lead us to where we want to go.

The process to understanding the realization of your dreams is quite simple. All you have to do is follow the DREAM process. You need to Develop Awareness. This is the initial stages of allowing yourself to imagine. This is where I was today, out in the cold, gleaning what I could from the warmth and smell of the fire to fuel my thoughts and generate dreams.

The second step is Realize Understanding , the process of adding substance to your thoughts. Express Knowledge is where things become real and plans are developed. Assist Belief is the crucial step whereby our motivation leads us to opportunities. And, finally, Make Realizable is the sustained stage where we’re on the journey and readjust our course as need be, but we keep our end destination in clear and sharp focus.

Have your thoughts led to your dreams?

Feel free to share your answer in the comments.

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