How to Kick Yourself in Gear

Procrastination is a trait for the feeble and weak. It is a slow mutating disease that eats away at our potentiality in life. It feeds on itself like a cancerous tumor, encroaching on everything around it and stymieing the growth of our living being. To begin to live life, you must resist the urge to block yourself from moving forward. Find the courage to set aside your fear and apprehension to take the necessary step forward.

It is far too easy to find excuses and then to use them as a force to stop ourselves from acting on a desire. Our minds act very much like gas in a bottle. We have the means to ignite passion, but rarely do we use it. It’s important to seek out a spark to ignite the passion. The feeling it gives us will provide endless fuel to reach our passion and beyond. It’s just that we have to ignite the passion first. And we can’t ignite this passion without motivation.

Motivation is in itself a complex phenomenon as it’s unique to each and every one of us. What motivates me may not motivate you and vice versa. There are many motivation theories that try to explain this key human behavioral aspect. We have two key levels of needs, our personal or primary needs, and our psychological or secondary needs. Our primary needs are those biological behaviors that we can’t do without; food, water, safety, and so on. Our secondary needs, however, are largely determined by our experience. We have needs or desires for achievement, power, relationships, and so forth.

There’s a guy name Abraham Maslow who defined need as a physiological or psychological shortfall that needs to be satisfied in some way. Tension created by this deficiency influences our attitude and behavior.

Maslow ranked our needs in five categories and in order of precedence. A need at any given level can only be satisfied after the lower level need is satisfied. We must first satisfy our physiological needs before we can satisfy the higher order needs. In the work context we become more focused with satisfying our higher order needs as our careers progress. This is why motivating ourselves to reach our goals is so essential to our well-being.

Find the energy to kick yourself into gear, get motivated, and reach for your dreams.

Are you ready to take the step?
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