Is There Really Balance With Work and Life?

As I watched people speeding from one task to another and facing the daily deluge of ‘work’, I couldn’t help but wonder where all this so-called ‘balance’ was coming into play. The only balance I could see was a scale tipped heavily in one direction, and that was in favor of work, not life. Then as I glanced through the newspaper I was fixated on the latest gas, oil, stock market, and employment numbers. I wasn’t a heavy business buff, but always wanted to get a sense of the world.

Employment was up for a change, a good sign. Then I began to read article, after article on the bad state of full-time employment and the fact that all the new jobs were part-time based. It was a familiar refrain. Somehow, it seemed suspect.

It reminded me of a book I’d read recently by Jacob Vossestein, Dealing with the Dutch, where he argues that people in the Netherlands are highly sceptical of the hierarchical work environment and don’t envy those who climb its rank like Americans, Canadians, or Brits would, whose self-esteem is closely tied to work.

There is an over-emphasis on full-time work which gives the illusion that people are gainfully employed, working, happy and that the economy is a great benefactor. What’s great about this book by Vossestien is that he highlights that the Netherlands actually passed a law that gives employees the right to modify their working hours and organizations can only refuse based on the grounds of sound business reasons. People actually want the ability to modify their working hours so that they have the ‘means’ to create real and meaningful balance in their lives. Results of this law even show that employers believe that they benefited quite well through increased employee satisfaction and it also improved their ability to attract employees.

We can learn from the cultural influences of such countries as the Netherlands, which seems to have found, against all pressure to change them, a recipe for balance that seems to be working. So take solace, getting off the work treadmill isn’t some faraway notion. Instead of looking at these employment ratios as a negative, perhaps we should look at it again through a different lens, as maybe people are taking strides to actually find balance in their lives for a change.

Have you found balance in your life?

Feel free to share your answer in the comments.

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