Six Signs Your Wasting Time

My feet dangled from the pool’s edge caressing the water below while I sipped an iced-cappuccino under the glowing sun. I was relaxed and content. It had taken me some years to get to this point of enjoying life for life’s sake. I began to recount my earlier years when I floundered from one thing to the next without a strong sense of direction or fulfillment. You don’t tend to think about the value of the time you had and how you used it, either wisely or foolishly. I remember times of doubt, wondering if I was wasting my life or if I was garnering new meaning in a direction I didn’t quite know at that time. Somehow I had settled into a life of doldrums caught up in the nine to five grind, repeating it over and over, day after day. I was, to my dismay, just putting in time. Was this waste I thought? Perhaps it was, perhaps not. I had to ask what this time was giving me.

Time is one very precious commodity that should not be wasted. Once it’s used, it’s gone. It needs to be nurtured. How can you tell if you are wasting your time?

Accepting the current normal as all there is: when you are content with the status quo you come to accept your current normal as cast in stone. You will simply allow fate to dictate your future and your life dreams will truly be wasted.

  1. Trying to make amends for the past: if you direct your energy to trying to rectify past mistakes you will certainly be wasting your time. You cannot change the past, but you can determine the future. Focus on what you want to be going forward, not what you could have been in the past.
  2. Focusing only on one thing in life: when you direct all your efforts to one thing in life, and in most cases, people direct all their energy to their job and career ladder to stroke their ego rather than develop relationships, experience life and establish balance.
  3. Spending time on trivial things: devoting too much of your time to trivial things that provide no value to your life only serves to fan the fire of wasted time. You become complacent with not doing what your desires are while using the trivial things as excuses to your lack of time
  4. Trying to be someone else: keeping up with the Joneses is the worst way to waste your time. The energy and money you direct to keep up with a “perception” of what you want to be will not lead you to personal fulfillment. Be who you really are, not who someone else is.
  5. Always chasing the latest and greatest: when you devote your time to picking up the latest gadget or newest car when they come on the market, you are wasting your time and money as this is a never ending cycle. It means that you lack fulfillment and that your happiness is always temporary. Find meaningful things to pursue and you’ll always be happy.

Most people fail to recognize some of these simple routines and go about life wasting their time and then complain that their life is unfulfilled with no time to pursue the things that matter most. Recognize the pitfalls of wasting time as you deserve more than what you think. Stop wasting your time and do the things that will give you lasting happiness.

Have you stopped wasting your time?

Feel free to share your answer in the comments.

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