4 Obstacles to Overcome in Reaching Goals

The smell of freshly baked scones and the aroma of dark roasted coffee beans permeated the air as I relaxed in a leather chair tucked inconspicuously in the corner of the cafe. With notebook in hand, I was jotting down free flowing ideas that would, perhaps someday, bloom into dreams and goals for me to attain. The goals themselves were quite easy to generate. The challenge was always in maintaining the energy necessary to realize them. Nothing is ever perfect. Even a bird in flight must adjust its height and fine tune its direction as the winds blow across its wings.

Adjusting our goals allows us to reduce or eliminate tensions that can build in the pursuit of the goal itself. It allows us to establish a manageable threshold of change. Adjustment gives us the ability to overcome the following:

  • White noise—People who are hard of hearing experience what is called tinnitus, a ringing noise in the ears that overwhelms all other sounds a person may hear. When we’re constantly thinking about other things, they ring louder than the things we need to focus on. Constantly adjusting our goals limits or reduces this clutter.
  • Exhaustion—Driving toward our goals full-steam ahead can both mentally and physically exhaust us; however, if we move toward our goals at a steady pace and course correct along the way we reserve our energy for the entire journey.
  • Induced guilt—When we commit ourselves to too many goals we soon realize that we can’t do all of it. Ensuring that we take time to adjust permits us to recognize this overzealousness and refocus our goals accordingly.
  • Strained relationships—When we turn all our attention to our goals, and only our goals, we begin to hurt the very relationships that we’ve invested in as a part of our lives. We need to always ensure that we make the room necessary for those who matter in our lives, and by adjusting our goals along the way we’ll ensure balance to the human dimensions of our lives.

Adjusting your goals will allow you to become sensitized to your inner state and let you observe your progress more objectively. It also gives you time to reflect on which goals are really priorities or, in fact, if they’re still a worthy goal. This will give you back precious time that you can use more effectively to re-harness into other goals or into your relationships.

Have you adjusted your goals to stay on track?

Feel free to share your answer in the comments.

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