7 Questions to Ignite Goals

The sun was beaming through the leafy trees that formed a canopy over the pool and a subtle breeze whisked by my head as I sat quietly in the wooden Adirondack chair. My backyard is one of the smallest in the neighborhood, but it is delectably full of plants, shrubs, and trees that spawn peacefulness and relaxation. This was my getaway, and happily only a few footsteps away from the back door. I had dreamed of this break for weeks, with no intention but to stay put and chill out. As I revelled in this backyard oasis, I couldn’t help but to think of the hapless souls who couldn’t find the motivation to tear themselves away from the confines of their cubicles, even for one day.

Goals give us strength and at the same time they fuel our strength. And to be successful our goals need to have motivation behind them to exalt the motivating strength for us to believe in the goal and thus direct our energy to realizing it. I realized that those folks in the office had absolutely none of this.

Finding goals to aspire are not really that complicated. Dreaming will generate excitement in your life and bring you fulfillment that you’ve been lacking. The way to ignite this excitement is to ask questions, such as the following:

1. Challenge yourself to do what’s meaningful to you. What I’ll do to challenge myself_____________.
2. Don’t be afraid to push yourself beyond your comfort level. This will help you grow and will excite your senses. What I’ll do to push myself beyond my comfort level_________________.
3. Understand what makes you comfortable. What makes me uncomfortable in adopting change_________.
4. Identify what you always wanted to do but were afraid to do it. What I’ve always wanted to do______________.
5. Determine what motivates you in life. What’s my motivation for change_______________.
6. Make the goal the right time now. What will make this the right time___________________.
7. Understand what gives you enjoyment in life. What do I enjoy most in life that provides me comfort________.

We can escape the fact that change in our lives will happen. Goal setting helps you become a driver not a passenger in life. So, asking yourself these questions will help you understand what stands in your way in identifying and attaining your goal.

Challenge yourself honestly and you’ll realize that the mental roadblocks you put in your way are only that, a mental block. By understanding it, you can isolate it, then overcome it. This process will help you find the passion, desire, and motivation to take the necessary steps toward reaching your goals.

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