Four Mistakes People Make with Their Goal

In the afternoon my friends and I gathered at the local watering hole for some beers and conversation. It had been quite a few months since we last saw each other, but it didn’t stop the friendly banter, nor did it reduce our drive to challenge each other on what we’d been up to. Each of us recited the mundane things that occupied our time, followed by the things we could only desire.

I was struck by how easily everyone had given up on the things they actually dreamed of doing. The excuses, of course, were endless. Too many things to do around the house, no time off work, the kids to look after, too much work at the office. It was sadly familiar.

Goals, I thought, shouldn’t be like some picture that you hang on the wall, only to reminisce and day dream about. They, by their very nature represent our inner desires and are the fuel that propels us through life. It allows us to focus our mental and physical energy like a funnel to those things that motivate and excite us. For those people without goals, they tend to wander aimlessly and blame others for their failure–for them life is a series of happenstances precariously strung together.

Making ourselves accountable for our own actions and future is at the cornerstone of goal-setting and this is the key point that separates one who believes in their goal from one that doesn’t. When we commit ourselves to an objective, we in turn make ourselves accountable to make it happen. And understanding why we have the goal commits us emotionally and physically to see it through. The important thing to note here is that our goals are accountable to only ourselves, no one else. As such, we have only ourselves to blame for our failure to motivate ourselves to achieve it. It allows us to reach beyond our self-contained realities

There are several mistakes that people make with their goal:

  • Recasting the Past: When people set goals, sometimes they turn to the past and try and play catch up on all the things they wished for. This is a self-defeating game, one that should be thrown into the waste basket. Take a few minutes, forgive yourself for your past weaknesses, and move on.
  • Too many goals: One key fact that you need to learn and embrace is that we can’t do it all. The same thing applies to goal-setting. Too many goals will only result in disappointment. You’ll expend all your energy well before the finish line if you overwhelm yourself with too many competing interests. Goals are a journey, and you need to limit your focus to ensure your success.
  • Keeping goals to yourself: The support of others is part of our support network. It’s our energy reservoir where we go to remind ourselves of our passion to the goals we set and to embolden us through challenging times. Too often people keep their goals to themselves, limiting their ability to gain support or to celebrate their success.
  • No clarity: Too many people define goals too broadly rendering it difficult to know how to achieve it. How many times have you heard people say, “My goal is to make lots of money.” This sounds great, but how much money? By when? By doing what to gain the money? It’s important to add context and clarity to our goals, as this gives them meaning and understanding.

Don’t make these mistakes in the pursuit of your goals and don’t allow yourself to reminisce. Take control of your dream and begin to realize that you actually do have the power to succeed–it’s within you.

Have you learned from your mistakes?

Feel free to share your answer in the comments.

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