5 Ways to Realize Your Goals

My wife and I wanted to spruce up the tired exterior of home. After fifteen years it was beginning to look a little ragged and time worn. In the afternoon we grabbed our camera and jumped into the car to scrounge the neighborhood for ideas. Not feeling particularly satisfied with cookie-cutter homes nearby we decided to detour toward the more expensive neighborhoods. We figured that their big homes would give us a good inspirational start.

As expected the homes had incredible curb appeal, and without a doubt completely out of our price range to contemplate. I couldn’t help but think of how these people came to have such expansive, rich homes. Inheritance? I thought. Perhaps. But, I thought a well executed plan and solid goal was likely the real reason.

So how do you reach a goal? Constant measurement and adjustment lead to success. Even though you may have established a goal, determined a realistic time frame for the goal, prepared yourself to meet the goal, and received assurance from your support network, the drive toward the goal can only come about by measuring the actions you’ve taken in seeking the goal.

Adjustment is simply the act of adapting or accommodating one thing or another. Adjustment gives you the following:

  1. manage your progress / re-evaluation
  2. keep your goal in focus / perspective
  3. keep connected to the energy supplying goal attainment
  4. maintain your flexibility to ensure your options are always available
  5. get the right road map—always refer to your directions so you don’t stray the course

So, for instance, if you have a goal to save $20,000 in two years, it’s obviously important to measure your progress. When you find that it’s too difficult, then you must either re-assess the actions you’re taking to realize the goal or to re-evaluate the goal itself. It could be that two years isn’t a realistic timeframe or that your needs and wants are not aligned properly to meet your goal, or that you’ve failed to receive the level of assurance that you need, or worse yet, that it’s not really a goal that you wanted in the first place. No goal is attained without first going through some adjustment. Change around us is constant, so we need to constantly assess where we are.

Developing a strong support mechanism is vital to your success in attaining your goals. Use your wife, husband, siblings, friends, and the like to give you the mental energy needed to realize your goals. There will be those days when you begin to second guess yourself when you question your ability to continue on. Having the ability to tap into support when you need it is important to keep you on track. Your support mechanism can also be self-prescribed. Write yourself inspirational quotes or reminders of why the goal is important to you and read them when you need them.

Have you take the steps to realize your goals?
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