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A Brief Guide To Escape the Workplace

Dear Time Traders,

Greetings from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina as I embark on another life break. Today I present to you your own copy of A Brief Guide To Escape The Workplace – How to Take Life Breaks in a Busy World

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Primer for Changing Your Life
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Values-Based Thinking
Escape the Workplace


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5 Steps to Believe in Yourself

 While buying fruits and vegetables at the market, I stole some time to converse with other wayward buyers. We exchanged pleasantries and discussed the freshness of the food, an important factor in the delectable meals we had planned for later in the day. This older gentleman shared with me his musings of life and how, despite significant challenges faced as a child, he rose above chaos to reach the heights of stability in a new land.

I realized that what gave this man strength was the insatiable belief in himself and the desire to do better. Then, I began to look inward and challenge the beliefs I had in my own ambitions in life.

Believing is simply the process of committing yourself to your goals and ultimately what it is you want to achieve in life. A person who has commitment and passion, coupled with belief, can overcome obstacles by always finding a way. Like a river that will snake a path through and around obstacles, so too will you.

There are 5 steps to garner the belief deep within yourself to reach your goals:

1. Develop a new habit
It normally takes a person 21 days to develop a habit. To begin believing in yourself you have to get out of the quicksand of your comfort level. You need to honestly ask yourself what’s preventing you from moving forward, then let it go. Realize that you can’t undo what you were doing before, but you can redo what you want to do going forward.

2. Believing is seeing
You need to find others who have set a goal and reached it. This will allow you to see that goals can indeed be attained. And, as you reach each step toward your goal remind yourself that you actually achieved it. This will further propel the belief you will have in yourself.

3. Mute the naysayers
Everyone wants to be a critic. The best thing you can do is to put them on mute. They shout out negativity, not because of your inability to reach your dreams, but because of their own failure to move beyond their normal. They are not shouting at you, they are shouting at themselves. So turn them off.

4. Leverage your strengths
Forget about the notion of strengthening your weaknesses. Just accept them for what they are. Focus instead on what makes you strong. After all, this is where your own power lies. Ignore your weaknesses and exploit your strengths. In short order, any weakness will be drowned out by the shear force of the power already within you.

5. Visualize the “me”
Direct intense energy and focus on “you.” Forget about trying to please others. Forget about trying to change “you” for “them.” The point is to really believe in what you yourself can do, not what others can do and then tell yourself that only you can do it. This will give you an endless supply of energy to reach all of your potential.

Taking an active approach to realize these steps will help you achieve an incredibly strong belief network about who you are and what you can do. This will build your self-confidence and this confidence will exude a powerful aura that others will see and they too will begin to believe the “you.” The culmination of these effects will provide sustained energy for you to grow greater than you would have imagined.

Do you believe in yourself?

Feel free to share your answer in the comments.

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