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How To Face Problems Without Fear

In the office yesterday, I faced one of those typical and normal problems that always creep up and smack us in the face. Usually, frustration settles in then complete exasperation. Patience levels are usually pushed to the limit and my desire to embark on another ‘life break’ echo resoundingly in my mind. This was no ordinary day, nothing was seemingly going well. My success on little things were being blocked. I had a hell of a problem on my hands that on any other given day I’d be able to resolve without fanfare. I wasn’t too sure what made this day special – in all the wrong ways. I had to take a break to clear my mind.

The fresh air whispering by as I walked through the streets helped me take my mind off of my immediate challenge and to refocus. Then I remembered, I could simply overcome my problem by using the strength of my mental energy. How so? Simply by discovering what surrounds things and why, if at all, there’s a problem.

Problem-solving is simply a way around obstacles, not necessarily to eliminate the obstacle. Perfectionists, for example, have a difficult time because they feel they need to eliminate the obstacle at all costs. A tactician, however, will eliminate the obstacle if he can, but most often it’s more prudent to find a way around it instead. So, this is what I decided to do.

Following four simple steps will help you identify and bypass or overcome obstacles in your way to realizing your life breaks:

  1. Figure it out: Determine if, in fact, there is a problem. Look at what’s happening around you. Why do you feel there’s a problem?
  2. Decide what to do: Once you understand the problem you can now define a strategy to overcome the obstacle.
  3. Act on it: Now you can execute the strategy by putting your energy toward bringing the strategy to life.
  4. Recheck your progress: As you act on overcoming the obstacles, it’s important to monitor your progress and redirect your attention if necessary.

Every good problem requires a decision. The quality and strength of the decision rests largely on whether the decision leveraged a well-structured or ill-structured process. Some decisions we make are repetitive and routine, as the problems themselves are classified so closely together that we employ the same or similar response. However, there are many other decisions we make that can’t leverage past history due to a unique or complex problem. In this case we rely to a large extent on judgment, intuition, and creativity.

Have you overcome a problem lately?

Feel free to share your answer in the comments.

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