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Finding Commitment Within Ourselves

The biggest challenge we face in the world isn’t what we think. It’s not the people around us, the lack of money, impending obstacles, or little opportunity; it’s ourselves. We’re the greatest impediment to our own potentiality. Most often we don’t have clearly defined goals or know why we want to pursue things in life. We just go with the flow, blindly accepting those things that come our way, and become elated when we get ‘lucky.’

To reach your potentiality, it’s important to clearly understand your goals and give them meaning. This will allow you to commit yourself to them. We’ll become more successful in our commitment to realize our dreams if they have meaning to us. And, I mean real meaning. They need to evoke strong sentiments and emotion to such a degree that we’re binding ourselves to see it through. By understanding what we want, we can then commit ourselves to it. I know most of you are not high-end athletes, but you just have to look at them and you can see quite clearly the commitment they have to winning. You know the dedication they put forward every day; training, reviewing their performance, eating nutritiously, and always pushing themselves to both their physical and mental limits.

To realize commitment, we need to develop mental toughness. The U.S. Naval Academy, for example, teaches its future military officers the internal motivations and mental toughness necessary to persevere in the commitment to their goals regardless of the obstacles in their way. They indoctrinate their recruits to be obedient to orders and directives, instil a strong sense of self-discipline and personal responsibility, and develop an ingrained sense of focus toward the goal. The recruits are only allowed to respond to senior members with the following:

  • Yes, Sir
  • No, Sir
  • Aye-aye, Sir
  • I’ll find out, Sir
  • No excuse, Sir

These phrases force the recruits to take personal accountability and to find a way to reach the goal, all without the ability to make excuses along the way. In particular, they aren’t allowed to make excuses for things outside their control because they can always control how they respond. This system of indoctrination has been extremely successful in developing some of the best military officers in the world, those with unwavering commitment to attain goals.


You can foster the same mental toughness when you begin to ‘believe’ in yourself and give meaning to the very things you want to accomplish. The way we think about our goals helps us understand our senses of passion, commitment, accountability, and the like. The way we understand will help us create real value from our life breaks and allow us to focus on what is truly meaningful to us. It gives us the ability to filter the noise, crisis, complexity, and distractions all around us.


Once we commit and understand our dreams we can take effective approaches to take action. The challenge with time traders is their approach. There’s rarely a linear direction to reach our goals because we’ll encounter challenges and diversions along the way. The important point is that we need to have confidence and strength in our approach. The last thing you want is to expend a lot of action with no meaning.

Time traders focus these actions to embrace a goal that commits them, they manage their understanding to maintain momentum toward the achievement of their goals, and they adjust their approach in the pursuit of their goals. The ability of a time trader to become consciously aware of these aspects helps them achieve their goals and ultimately fulfillment in their lives. Soon you’ll realize that the dream isn’t really the destination, rather a way of life. Keep in mind your success isn’t following someone else’s dream, goals, or achievements; it’s you learning to love what you love and not worrying about how people will see you. It’s all about how you see yourself.

Are you ready to make a commitment? 

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